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  1. May 2019

    I am excited to share my experience with Global Nursing Recruiters with my colleagues and other nurses out there trying to pass the NCLEX-RN. I passed the NCLEX RN/BSN on my first attempt largely due to the fact that I was able to have my review with Dr. Victor Ashbey of Global Nursing Recruiters.

    I took the NCLEX once before for my LPN license (which I also passed the first time) but never really understood Acid Base balance until I joined a review class at Global Nursing Recruiters.

    The way Dr. Ashbey categorized the subjects and explained the disease process – how one body system affects the other and how to apply critical skills in regards to each system made it somewhat easier for me to process, analyze and understand the questions I received on the exam day.You have to know your drug calculations, drug names, disease process, acid base balance and everything else being thought. I can go on and on but please I would like to advise my fellow students taking the NCLEX Review classes at Global Nursing Recruiters that if you pay attention closely, participate in class, ask questions if and when you are not sure, and spend enough time on your studies, you will be successful just like me.I must say that I do not think I would have made it without assistance from Global Nursing Recruiters.

    Thank you so much and keep encouraging the many students that come across your path. Keep up the good work. It worked for me.

  2. June 2019

    The Global Nursing Recruiters review course was worth every second of my time, energy and effort to get me ready for the RN NCLEX. I came out with flying colors due to the great instructor Dr. Ashbey who whole-heartedly shared his knowledge and clinical expertise with us.

    The review was concise, in-depth and comprehensive. This enabled me to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of difficult concepts I did not fully understand when I was in nursing school. Thanks to God and my wonderful instructor Dr. Ashbey who made my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse become a reality.

  3. July 2019

    I didn’t know about the opportunities that were available in the United States forforeign trained nurses until I met the CEO of Global Nursing Recruiters; Dr VictorAshbey in Ghana.
    He explained the entire process of getting to work in the US, and all the benefitsthat we as nurses in our home country stand to get when we take the bold step outof our comfort zone to pursue this opportunity. Once I made that decision topursue this great opportunity, I registered with Global Nursing Recruiters (GNR).The NCLEX-RN is the US licensing exam for nurses, (National Council LicensureExamination – for Registered Nurses). All nurses, whether trained in the US oroutside the US have to pass this exam in other to be able to work in the US. GNRprovided me with the gold standard learning materials which included HIGH YIELDNCLEX REVIEW NOTES, Top class Question Banks and an online Live Review Coursein which I could see my instructor who explained every topic and concept to me.The good thing about GNR is that they assess your performance in each step of thereview course and will only recommend you to take the exam when they areconfident you will pass. This was done with each individual nurse in my class. Ourclasses where conducted 3 times a week, with each class lasting between 3 and 4hours. We were taught test-taking strategies; how to approach each question, howto interpret the question to come to the right answer, etc.Thanks to Global Nursing Recruiters, I was able to pass my NCLEX-RN in my firstattempt with 75 questions. If you are aspiring to take this bold step of taking theNCLEX-RN to jumpstart your journey to live and work in the United States, Istrongly recommend Global Nursing Recruiters to you.

  4. September 2019

    I am very pleased with Global Nursing Recruiters and will love to recommend their services toall nurses aspiring to work in the US as Registered Nurses.Through the NCLEX Review course I took with this company, I got to understand that nursingpractice in Africa is quite different from what is practiced in the United States. With GlobalNursing Recruiters this gap was breached with the consistent reviews I received. My classeswere taught by the CEO himself, Dr Victor Ashbey. His review classes were in detail, and gaveme a solid understanding of what the NCLEX was all about. He taught us how to prepare for theexam and what we needed to know in order to pass the exam in our first attempt. I am proud tosay that I passed the exam in my first attempt with 75 questions.

    Secondly, GNR took care of the financial cost involved in the preparation process making myAmerican dream more realistic and achievable. As an African, finance was quite a challenge.With a grateful heart, I say a very big thank you to GNR. My advice to foreign trained nursesinterested in pursuing this opportunity is that; in order to achieve greatness, you have to bewilling to change, sacrifice and study hard, because hard work pays off at the end.Thank you.

  5. November 2019

    Hi everyone, first of all I want to use this opportunity to thank GNR for all the massive things they’ve done to my life, because without GNR I wouldn’t have reached this far.
    On a serious note, I had never heard of NCLEX-RN and what it entails until I met Dr Ashbey in Ghana, the CEO of GNR.
    Dr Ashbey had a seminar in Accra, Ghana where nurses who were aspiring to become Registered Nurses in the United States came in numbers to gain insight and learn more about the NCLEX process and its future opportunities.

    He explained the entire process to us which made all of us gain interest in the NCLEX and the GNR recruitment program. He also told us how African and Carribean nurses stand a chance in working and living in the United States after he or she has successfully passed the NCLEX-RN exam.
    GNR then organized an online NCLEX review classes for those of us who registered. We solved all types of questions it been on endocrine system, respiratory system, integumentary system, circulatory system, genitourinary system, skeletal system, acid base balance, pharmacology, growth and development, priority questions, select all that apply questions, assess first questions, etc. We did this for months. It was intense, but this online model used made teaching interesting and easy to understand since the lecture could be seen via the camera which made answering questions easier and demonstrated such nursing techniques when the need arises.
    We did individual assessment test which gave GNR the clue of how ready we were to sit for the NCLEX exam personally. GNR also took care of my financial cost throughout the NCLEX preparation process, flight and hotel reservations, etc.

    I would like to add a little of my travel experience. I traveled on the 13th of September 2019 to Mumbai, India. But due to flight time changes (delays) by Kenyan Airways, I happened to reach my test center on my scheduled exam day instead of the day before, and after the schedule exam time given by Pearson vue. I was supposed to have been seated by ‪7:30 am‬ but got there ‪at 9:00am‬ when everyone was seated and busily answering his or her questions. The secretary in charge of the test center received me nicely and offered me a seat. Wow, I started answering and God been so good, my computer shut down at 75 questions. This is really great because I came to the test center last but due to GRN superb NCLEX review, I was able to finish my questions first. The test ended at 75 questions because I was doing very well and so I wasn’t given more questions. Two days later GNR told me I have passed.
    I would like to advise my fellow upcoming nurses willing to be recruited by GNR, please do not look further because with GNR your chances of passing with 75 questions is assured. This is a truly good company there to help African and Caribbean nurses. Go to their website and read more.
    I made it. You can also believe in yourself and never get discouraged, study hard and God will surely see u through.
    God bless GNR

    Thank you

  6. December 2020

    Finding a recruitment agency that understands your needs and dreams does not come easy. After unsuccessful attempts with most of them, life was like a standstill.

    Then one-day, during my search for a better deal, I came across GNR. It did not take me long to realize that GNR is more into Africa and for Africans. I immediately signed up and the welcome I received was just great. Contract signed, all documentation done in no time.

    The preparation for the NCLEX was so smooth and the tutors who taught us were always on point. They took time to explain everything we did not understand. After few months of preparation, registration with the board of nursing was done. I got my ATT (Authorization to test)

    GNR booked a 5 star hotel, paid for the plane ticket and gave money as per diem . The time came and in about 54 minutes, I was done with my exam with 76 questions. My confidence level of passing the NCLEX-RN was really high because of the intensive preparation GNR gave us.

    On my way back to Ghana, upon reaching the airport in Johannesburg, South African, I missed my flight. A call was made to GNR , and immediately, Dr Ashbey sent down money for the airline through western union. I booked the next available flight.

    When I got to Kotoka International airport in Ghana, I took a taxi to Circle. it was then I received an email from the board of nursing with my lincense sent to me. I realized officially I am a US RN.

    All the hard work had paid off. Preparations for immigration to US is underway.

    Dear all, if you have seen GNR, no need to look further, you are at the right place. It’s only GNR that offers you premium processing (fast processing of your immigration) after passing the NCLEX-RN.

    In conclusion, if you want the fast way to make your American dream, then join the winning team , GNR.

  7. February 2021

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to GNR.
    My dream of becoming a US RN started in 2019 when a friend introduced GNR to me. I was skeptical of joining at the initial stage due to lack of trust and fear of being defrauded However, I took a bold decision and enrolled into the program in November 2019.

    I joined the review class by Dr. Ashbey which was so helpful. It completely uncovered my weakness and improved my knowledge and skills in nursing and prepared me adequately for the test. I received support and guidance at every stage of the journey until I took the test in early March 2021 and passed with 75 questions.

    I recommend GNR to everyone with a dream of becoming a US RN.

    Thank you GNR. Grateful heart!

    — from Matilda

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