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Nurses in the US Enjoy Great Job Benefits

Working in the United States through Global Nursing Recruiters gives you an opportunity to enjoy great benefits and services for your commitment to provide excellent nursing care for the American people. At Global Nursing Recruiters, we value the hard work and commitment of our local and international nurses by providing them with benefits and services to ensure that they stay healthy, enjoy their work and feel well compensated for their exceptional work.

The benefits and services we to provide to our international nurses include the following:

Healthcare Benefits

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Coverage
  • Short – Term Disability
  • Life and Accident Insurance Coverage

Non Healthcare Benefits

  • Professional Liability Insurance (Free)
  • Continuing Nursing Education/Professional Development (Free)
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan

Global Nursing Recruiters provides you with the following free services from the day you register with us up to when you start working in the United States.

  • Pay for the cost of your Nursing School transcript evaluation by CGFNS
  • Pay for the cost of your NCLEX registration
  • Pay for the cost of your US State RN license
  • Pay for the cost of your flight to an NCLEX test center, and hotel room
  • Pay Attorney fees, visa fees etc for immigrant visa application
  • Pay for your flight to the United States
  • Pay for the cost of filing for your US permanent residence including Attorney fees.

FREE SERVICES from the Day you arrive in the US

  • FREE One Month Orientation Course with daily Per Diem

Medical Insurance

There are several Medical Plans that GNR will present to you to choose from. Choosing an affordable Medical Plan that covers you and your family’s medical needs is very important. This is why GNR looks for insurance companies with great plans at affordable prices, and encourages all of our nurses to sign up for a plan.

Dental Insurance

Having a low cost dental plan that caters for the dental needs of you and your family is also of paramount importance. Most of the plans we offer you are of low cost and cover diagnostic and preventive procedures like oral examinations, cleanings and X-Rays.

Vision Coverage

A good vision is key to an effective performance of your nursing duties and also forms part of your general health. GNR offers you options of affordable vision coverage for you to choose for you and your family.

Short-Term Disability

A short-term disability insurance is very helpful when you unexpectedly cannot work and earn a biweekly or monthly income due to illness or an injury not related to your work. The plan enables you to get cash benefit to help replace the lost income for the period you’re unable to work. GNR offers you an opportunity to enroll in such plan.

Life Insurance/Accident Insurance Coverage

GNR employment offers you and your family an opportunity for a life insurance plan ranging from basic to additional protections.

401(k) Retirement Plan

After accomplishing your dream to live and work in the United States as a Registered Nurse, now may be the time to also start planning for your retirement. 401(k) is a great way to start saving and growing your retirement funds with the interest gained, and GNR is here to give you the opportunity to start saving for your great retirement years.

Free Professional Liability Insurance
This is also known as medical malpractice insurance. It is important that as you start working in the US, you are fully covered and protected. GNR will provide you with FREE Coverage.

Free Continued Education and Professional Development

At GNR, we are totally committed to bringing out the best in you. We do this by providing you with ONE MONTH of orientation before the commencement of your first assignment. This orientation will prepare you to have a smoother and successful clinical transition to work in the United States as well as adapting to the American way of life.

GNR will also continue to support you with continued education that will keep you abreast of new clinical information that will enhance your clinical knowledge and skills and keep your license active.

Free Relocation Assistance, Housing and Orientation

As soon as your US visa is issued, GNR will work with to arrange for your relocation to the United States. GNR will pay for your flight from your home country to the United States.

  • Arrival Day – On the day you arrive, a GNR team will meet you at the airport. You will be picked up and dropped off to your hotel or guest house.
  • Free One Month Accommodation – GNR will provide you with one month of free accommodation. You will also receive a daily Per Diem during this period.
  • Free Orientation Course – This will be in the form of meet and greets, lectures, training, and sharing of detailed information about your job, transportation, housing and furnitures, food services, banking, etc.

Free Services

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